Food & Drink App of the Year   

Xceleratics - Instantt - Life's too short


Children's or Education App of the Year

The Worrinots


Health & Fitness App of the Year         

Red C Mobile - Psyma - Making Therapy Accessible


Productivity App of the Year    

Literature & Latte - Scrivener for iOS


Retail or Shopping App of the Year

Xceleratics Ltd Instantt - Life's too short


Travel, Leisure or News App of the Year         

Puzzle London - Railrepay


B2B, Business or Finance App of the Year          

Red C Mobile - Centtrip - Foreign Currency App


Indie App - Game of the Year       

Russell King - Taps


Innovation Award

Cherish PR - Laundrapp


Social Media App of the Year      

MV App ltd - The Model Village App


UK App Agency of the Year - Small                    

Brightec Ltd


UK App Agency of the Year - Medium    

3 SIDED CUBE       


UK App Agency of the Year - Large        

hedgehog lab


UK App Developer of the Year

Charlie Tapping, Sonin App Development


UK App of the Year 2017

Literature & Latte - Scrivener for iOS

2018 Awards Ceremony
2019 Awards Ceremony